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Bat out of Hell – review…Opera House, Manchester

What an incredible evening, so good to be back at the theatre and what a theatre the Opera House in Manchester is. Dating back more than 100 years this stunning auditorium with its high ceilings undoubtedly creates a feeling of nostalgia and magic.

Tonight I was here to see the award winning hit musical ‘Bat out of Hell’ bringing to life the legendary anthems of Jim Steinman & Meat Loaf.  Enjoying a drink in one of the bars ahead of the performance, we took our seats in the stalls.  The theatre was busy with very few spare seats and quite simply the performance did not disappoint.

Based on the iconic album, ‘Bat out of Hell’ , which I remember well, the entire cast delivered a rock and roll spectacular.

Packed with Meatloaf hits, the story took us to Manhattan where ‘Falco’ lived in his glistening tower.  At the bottom of the tower lived a group called ‘The Lost’, some young rock and roll rebels, Strat being the leader.  During the story Strat falls for Raven, daughter of Falco, quite an emotional, action packed story evolves.

The cast performed many of the Meatloaf hits, including ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’, ‘Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are’ and ‘All revved up with no place to go’.

The role of Strat was played by Glenn Adamson with Martha Kirby playing Raven.  Falco was played by Rob Fowler superbly supported by Sloane, his wife played by Sharon Sexton. To me another outstanding performance was by Joelle Moses who played Zahara.   The music was incredible with an amazing orchestra conducted by Michael Reed.

I would very much recommend for a great Rock and Roll night out creating an opportunity to sing along to those big hits.


The show is on until 2nd October.  To book visit:


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