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At the present time holidays and travel seem a long way away.  When will we once again be able to travel for short breaks, summer vacations and long haul trips?  Undoubtedly throughout the month of April we have been very spoilt with the sunny weather but many of us still yearn to plan that summer break.  Following the coronavirus pandemic, will travel ever be the same? Will we feel safe to travel on planes, trains and cruise ships?  Clearly strict measures will have to be put in place.

We have an absolute passion to travel and have been fortunate to visit many places across the world where we have experienced local cultures and met some wonderful people.  Over the last few weeks we have spent time looking through some of our photos taken over the years.  I tend to like to make a ‘small’ book from each trip with some of my favourite images. To some people – a little sad, but how we have enjoyed looking through them these last few weeks.

As we look back over the years. do take a look at this fabulous video – courtesy of Marketing Profile and see what airlines you can remember.  Enjoy!


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