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Corona virus lockdown – How Gardening has helped me


As we all stay at home and stay safe, undoubtedly my therapy has been gardening.  Thankfully we have been blessed with lovely weather which has undoubtedly helped.


What started as cutting the borders and weeding has become a vegetable patch with seedlings in abundance.  In fact, my hour a day exercise has turned in to me researching plants and trees with my fabulous new App, Picture This – I just love finding out more about the plants and trees that are around me.


It is interesting as my background is many years in Marketing. PR and events.  Adorning my business attire – but now its my wellies and casuals – and yes, my wellies are green, albeit almost 20 years old!


I find that spending time in the garden is pure escapism.  We are blessed with a garden and I fully appreciate that not everybody has such an enjoyable space but believe me from my pot on the windowsill to my potato patch, to my App – it is so therapeutic.   I would really recommend.


From cuttings to planting my lemon pips and ‘trying’ to get my avocado stone to route, I’m loving it – Go on just give it a go.   Anybody can do it and boy it is so rewarding when things finally start to grow.  I think I might have found a new vocation in life!


Happy Gardening and stay safe.


App: Picture this – free for the first week and then £19.99 for the year.  I’m addicted!



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