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Introduction to Australia and New Zealand

Earlier this year Tony and I finally made that trip ‘Down Under’, something that we had talked about doing for some time but had never really had the time.  Tony had always wanted to visit Australia and I have to say I rather fancied New Zealand.   Happily we managed to visit  both.  Over the next few weeks we will be featuring a whole range of blogs including sailing through the New Zealand Fjords to visiting Bondi Beach and from Sydney Opera House to the Whitsunday Islands.  I am guessing that a number of our followers haven’t visited these places, while of course some will have been there either on holiday or to visit family.  These Countries really do have much to offer and we would so recommend a visit.   New Zealand has the most wonderful scenery, but I hadn’t appreciated how many incredible islands off the coast line too, some with dramatic scenery whilst others boast the most amazing vineyards.  Australia of course is vast with such contrasts of scenery.  Who can fail to be impressed by Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, but I wasn’t aware of quite how incredible the beaches would be.  Vast stretches of sand, of course the world famous Bondi Beach has lots of tourists and surfers, however there are numerous beaches to walk along which are virtually deserted, then of course you have the powder white sand and azure waters on the Whitsunday islands. No wonder this is in the top 10 beaches in the world.  I have never seen a beach like it – simply stunning.  Anyway I hope that this short blog gives you just a taster and that you enjoy reading the stories to come.  Over the coming weeks we will also include a range of links to destinations and properties plus a great Aussie overland travel company that we are now working with – so I guess it looks like we will be heading back there again before long.  I can hardly wait.



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