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Contact, supporting vulnerable young women

I recently came across this fabulous local charity and wanted to share it with our readers:

Contact is a registered charity no 1178557, providing a hostel as a home, which is safe and secure and staffed twenty-four hours a day for vulnerable young women aged 16 – 19, in the Manchester area, benefitting 27 per year. The ethos of Contact is very simply to provide for each young person “what any good parent would do”. We offer support and help to move on to a better and happier future, with 7 residential places in the main house and 1 place in an adjacent independence bungalow. We also provide an informal outreach service for the young women who have moved into more independent accommodation.

The young women referred to us come from a range of backgrounds which includes relationship breakdowns, fleeing domestic violence, oppressive family regimes, forced marriages, threatened abduction, physical and emotional abuse.

Over 90% of the young people we accommodate are raised in poverty, coming from the areas of Manchester associated with high levels of social deprivation and unemployment.

We help young women to re-connect with society and get back into education, employment or training, helping them to come to terms with the past and to build a better future.

Young people are helped to realise their unique worth, enjoy and achieve and be helped towards maximising their potential, where many of the young people may come from chaotic lifestyles and backgrounds. We also help the youngsters to work through gaps in their childhood by having fun days out, marking birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations through our Good memories fund to contrast with what may have otherwise been a sad and lonely childhood.

We also assist our young people with our hardship fund which provides funding for clothing, fares, birth certificates ID. This fund helps to establish much needed identity and accelerates independence.

Once a young person is ready to move on, a final review is completed which includes an assessment of their needs, with a support package, creating a comfortable and safe home which includes decorating and securing the property, providing kitchen utensils, towels, bedding, curtains, essential basic furniture and basic white goods, transforming an often cold, unfriendly and sometimes frightening dwelling into a warm and cosy little home. In this way we increase the likelihood of sustaining the tenancy and maintain resilience to the risk of exploitation.

“On the 20th March I walked in here with the courage of a fish but believe me with the support from each and every staff today I leave with the strength to conquer any challenge ahead of me. I`m so grateful for the bed I had to sleep in and my sisters in the house every day I could talk to. I will miss this building so much and it will honestly never be forgotten”.

“I feel very safe living at contact as there is security alarm and locks for the rooms. The staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere comfortable and homely. The living room is very homely and big enough for all users”.

“Contact has taught me to be patient, open and carefree. I`ve learnt that anything is possible just if you`re patient”

“Contact hostel allows us to live like a family and do all the stuff you would do generally at home such as having a big meal on Christmas day and birthday treats”

“I have love and affection in this house which I didn’t have before in my mum’s house. God bless this house”

To donate text contact to 70085 or online at:



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