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Zero Gravity Float Spa Altrincham

My floatation experience:

“Unparalleled Relaxation” “Master Visualisation” “Eliminate Pain” – the proposition made by the flotation tank sounded intriguing  to say the least.

However: If the idea of being shut in a flotation tank for over an hour and being deprived of almost all your senses makes you at least a little apprehensive … you are not alone.

As I arrived to zero gravity Altrincham, you could say I was a little sceptical.

Such feelings immediately subsided upon being welcomed in to the comforting recess that is ‘zero-gravity Altrincham’.

I was met by Chris – who took me straight through reception and in to my private room complete with blue illumines lighting, a large open plan shower and cutting-edge Epsom salts  floating tank.

Chris kindly explained the preparation steps- these included indulging in a relaxing shower, preparing ear buds and listening to a few tips prior to my hour-long floating experience.

He explained that once I entered the tank, I should close the lid, calming music would begin playing softly along with a lighting display within the tank. Soon the lights and music would stop, and he recommend adopting a relaxed position whilst keeping your eyes open to begin with.

Within my first 5 minutes in the pod I realised that being alone with my thoughts is something that I really need to do more. I saw my brain skip through thought after thought, initially thinking about emails, logistics, tasks to do for that day; but as I felt the float become effortless and I began to relax, I allowed myself to think further into the abyss.  As cliche as it sounds, I very quickly was able to realise a deep meditative state, something I admittedly had rarely ever done.  Due to lack of external sounds or visual, I found it impossible to keep any track of time.

The experience is difficult to put into words. Although Chris had told me that many clients fall asleep, I was yet to do so by the time the music softly began to indicate the end of my journey. I gently opened the pod door and stepped out back into gravity – an experience I don’t think I’ll ever get used to!

Having spent time observing my thoughts, I felt relaxed, perhaps ‘Unparalleled’ to that achieved through generic meditation practices. I took another shower, changed and made my way through to the hair drying room to freshen up. Once all changed, I continued through to the reception waiting area, where I sat alongside Chris for a green tea and an enjoyable debrief.

As I immersed myself back into the real-world of Altrincham, a deep sense of calm came over me to which the outside chaos of the high-street at rush hour was impenetrable.

A fantastic experience, I have already booked a repeat visit. This time with no sense of worry and only a sense of excitement.


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