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North West based private members’ business club, theProfileClub recently held a ‘Networking Event’ at Tesla in Knutsford

Members of theProfileClub gathered to hear a presentation all about how Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, offering the safest, quickest electric cars on the road and integrated energy solutions. Tesla products work together to power your home and charge your electric car with clean energy, day and night.

Undoubtedly several members were smitten with Tesla and all that it stands for before they arrived at the event, however without any doubt many more had come on board – and were booking test drives at the end of the evening.

Members had the opportunity to discover both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X experiencing the vehicles in full.  The star of the show had to be the Tesla X with its falcon wing doors when it performed it’s ‘Dance to Music’.  Some readers may recall publicity around a piece of software that was sent to Tesla X drivers a couple of years ago which after putting in the code the vehicle quite literally performed!  Our audience were somewhat star struck!

Members were interested to learn more about the planned Tesla Model  3 – designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category, Model 3 achieves 220 miles of range while starting at only 35,000 USD .  The Model 3 is a smaller, simpler, more affordable car which will undoubtedly appeal to the mass market.  The vehicle size resembles the BMW 3 series.

The question on several members lips were “Will it live up to the hype and to the CEO’s Elon Musk’s claims that this is the car for everyone?”

Well hearing from the exceptionally professional and highly trained team at Tesla – it most certainly will. I don’t think throughout the evening there was a single question asked that the team couldn’t answer – and I must add in an extremely knowledgeable way.  It would appear that Elon Musk and his team have thought of everything – and so if you are tempted – for just £1000 you can reserve the Model 3, however you are unlikely to take delivery until 2019.  Apparently however the first Models 3s have started to be seen in USA and are proving to be a big hit!  I’ll be hoping to see one next time that I am in the States.

Of course, alongside the Tesla brand are some great Business Incentives.  Incentives that you might well like to discuss with your Accountant – all helping to increase the appeal.

Not usually a big car lover I would have to admit being to transfixed with all that I saw and heard about Tesla from the economics of the vehicle to the supercharger – you can certainly put my name down!

During the evening we also heard more about the Tesla batteries and how they integrate with solar to harness the abundant power of the sun and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Homeowners, businesses and utilities can use Tesla energy products to reliably increase their use of renewable energy and foster a clean energy ecosystem.

And last but not least – we touched on SpaceX designs, the company founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

Wow – what an evening!




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