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My Tesla Experience – a taste of things to come…

As owner of theProfileClub we provide our members with a whole range of bespoke events.  From our Summer Lunch at the House of Commons to Sporting Fixtures.  Last July we held our Annual Golf Day at The Mere and Tesla brought along a couple of their cars and offered test drives.  These proved so popular that Tesla have offered to host our members at their showroom in Knutsford.   As an event organiser I popped over earlier this week to have a look around – and wow was I impressed!

A  state of the art showroom environment with the Model S and the Model X were on display and I was keen to look around them.     The team welcomed me and we talked about the vehicles including the many benefits of Tesla as a Company Car.  We ran through our plans for the forthcoming ProfileClub  event and how our guests would hear more about this much talked about brand and would experience test drives.

I have to say the story behind Tesla and their CEO Elon Musk really is quite outstanding.  Tesla claim to offer the safest, quickest, electric car on the road with integrated energy solutions.Tesla products work together to power your home and charge your electric car with clean energy, day and night.  The team showed us around the two vehicles and we also discussed the Model 3 which is due to be in the UK next year and are already beginning to arrive in the USA.  The Model 3 is designed with the highest safety ratings and achieves 220 miles of range whilst starting at $35000 making it affordable to a greater audience.   We are in the USA next month and so will watch out for the Model 3.

Recently we were over in Hong Kong and virtually every other car was a Tesla.  We had a long weekend skiing in St Anton – and again lots of Teslas and charge points – quite unbelievable!  These cars really do get around and I can understand why.  I cant wait for our event and to learn more – and who knows, next time I change my car, I might well look to a Tesla!


Reviewed by Barbara


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