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Count Ingredients Not Calories

Summer is right around the corner and undoubtedly has us thinking about how we can shed some pounds fast, and quick! But let’s face it – it’s usually a fad that doesn’t help our bodies become healthier or lose weight in the grand scheme of things.

We were invited to Eat Clean Cuisine in Hale to learn about ‘Clean Eating’ a healthy lifestyle change that counts ingredients not calories.

Based in Hale, Eat Clean Cuisine are a growing business whose ethos is to feed our bodies with wholesome ingredients. Clean eating is concept that eliminates dieting fads. Creating a diet free of chemicals, E-numbers, additives, and alien ingredients.  You provide nourishment to your body with freshly prepared foods in their most natural state, avoiding refined grains, salt sugar, and toxic items.

With a wide range of ingredients on offer at Eat Clean Cuisine there is something to suit everyone. Whether it be steak, halloumi, sweet potato, egg noodles, kale or courgette with satay or salsa – you can cater a box to your taste. Offering an excellent variety and more importantly value for money, it makes eating clean affordable- especially if you are using the weekly prep meal plans.

The concept of the eatery is quick and convenient. Simply,

  1. Choose your protein
  2. Pick your pulse
  3. Add your superfood
  4. Choose a Sauce

We choose two of the popular meals available at Eat Clean Cuisine. A low-fat Bolognese with whole grain pasta and courgette, along with (very tender) chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli accompanied with a fresh tzatziki sauce.

Our favourite was the Nutella protein balls, which hit the spot especially if you have a sweet tooth!

The food was delicious and made a refreshing alternative to a packed lunch.

Affordable, tasty, and perfect for anyone on the go!

Located opposite Altrincham Football Ground, the eatery has FREE parking access and are open Monday-Saturday throughout the day.

If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle change, visit or pop into their restaurant.


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